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What causes hemorrhoids ?

What causes hemorrhoids ?

Although it is important for people to know what hemorrhoids are, they should also endeavor to find appropriate answers to the question what causes hemorrhoids. This is because majority of them only find out that they are present when they start causing serious problems. Hemorrhoids affect everyone but unfortunately, many people do not know what causes them, the symptoms that characterize them and the various types of hemorrhoid treatment methods that they can use.

Fortunately, various articles such as this one provide the necessary information and it is advisable for everyone to read them in order make informed decisions in case they have doubts to questions such as what causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids ,whose positioning in the body enables people to know if they are internal or external in nature, are blood vessels that cause  a lot of pain and swelling in the rectum and anus when they become enlarged or inflamed. These blood vessels ,which are also known as piles, are easy to control if the affected people find out that they have them early enough.

External hemroids are usually present below the dentate canal, which is around the anus, while internal hemorrhoids affect the dentate, which is located below the anal canal. A hemorrhoid usually occurs because of straining and other stresses that cause bulging of the veins and hence if you are one of those people who are wondering what causes hemorrhoids, it is advisable to find out the various factors that contribute to their formation.

This is because these are important in enabling you to find the most appropriate treatment method for them. Although research studies have not been able to identify the exact causes of hemorrhoids, some theories have been able to link them to the lifestyle of the sufferers.

What really causes hemroids and what will help

Consequently, these theories suggest that poor diet is the main cause of hemorrhoids and for this reason, it is advisable for the people who suffer from them to ensure that they eat foods that are rich in fiber since they play a vital role in preventing them from becoming overweight and developing this problem eventually.

hemroids and piles and what causesWeakness in the veins in the anus usually leads to the formation of hemroids and for this reason; constipation, which pulls the hemorrhoid cushions downwards in order to force the stool through the anal canal, is one of the main causes of this problem because it causes chronic straining during this process.

Many pregnant women usually experience symptoms that characterize hemroids but most of them do not know exactly what causes hemorrhoids. Fortunately, this article provides the answers that they need since the research that led to its publication established that the strain that they experience when giving birth is one of the major causes of this problem.

Symptoms such as bleeding when passing stool, irritation, and itchiness around the anus and pain during and after passing stool usually characterize internal hemorrhoids but unfortunately, many people cannot distinguish this type from the external hemorrhoids because they do not have the facts about what causes hemorrhoids. For this reason, it is advisable for them to read various articles that touch on this disease such as this one or consult a doctor for more information.